Who I Am and What My Staff and I Can Do for You

I’m Doug Smart, a business motivational speaker, author, career coach and senior management adviser. For over 20 years I’ve shown people around the world how to identify their personal strengths for success in business. I would love to show you and the people you work with how to discover and use your personal strengths for life-long success. You can get better results than you ever experienced. You will learn how to be great at what you do, make a difference and be happier, too.

Audiences and clients agree, it pays to know your personal strengths!

Do you need a motivational speaker who is interactive and shows people how to identify and maximize their personal strengths for success in business?

Book me to speak at your next convention, conference, leadership retreat, all-employee meeting. team building event or sales meeting. People will thank you over and over. That’s because they will learn how to discover and use their personal strengths to increase confidence, productivity and success — while reducing stress. Discovering and using your personal strengths is the #1 key to achieving great things in business and life.

Do you have a group that is small? Big? In-between?

It doesn’t matter the size of your group. We train groups of 3 to 3,000 on how to identify and use their natural, personal strengths for success in business. Our information is easily applied to leadership, problem solving, sales, creativity and teamwork so your people get results immediately. When everyone puts their personal strengths to work, results follow quickly.

Do you hire and promote employees?

We can show you how to take the gamble out of hiring and promoting by knowing the strengths of others. When you know an individual’s personal strengths, you can instantly see if that person has the right stuff to do a particular job well. You might even find there is an even better job for a particular person. Being able to accurately predict employee performance in 100+ areas gives you a powerful advantage. It is a win/win for both employee and employer. For more info, see our site www.TakeTheGambleOutOfHiring.com.

Do you want a career coach who will help you or your executive team reach higher levels of success?

We work with business owners, executives and other people who want to be wildly successful in business. No matter how old you are, no matter where you live in the world or what line of work you are in, we can show you how to discover your personal strengths and how to use your strengths to grow your business, grow your career, and how to be great at what you do. It’s easier than you think, after you take the first step.

Do you want accurate assessment tools that pinpoint personal strengths and talents?

Develop highly productive teams of people who are great at — and love — their jobs.  We are experts in identifying employees’ personal strengths for success in business. Thanks to the newest assessment tools, we can measure –- very quickly -– a person’s personal strengths in over 100 vital areas. You’ll receive easy to understand information. Knowledge is power. You can use this info to make responsible staffing decisions so you get new hires and promotions into jobs that are excellent for them. Use with existing employees, too, to make managing easier. Productivity and morale soar while procrastination and stress disappear. Discover the strengths of everyone on your team so they can be great at what they do.


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Doug Smart, Motivational  Keynote Speaker, addressing 100+ business owners at a conference in Las Vegas.

Doug Smart, Motivational Keynote Speaker, addressing 100+ business owners at a conference in Las Vegas.


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  • Fantastic! Even though it has been over a year since you spoke at our Leadership Conference, people still continue to quote your words. You made a difference. We need to have you back for more!
    Maria Rodriquez,
    Kraft Foods
  • Our sales are up nearly $3,000,000 since we started working with you last year. Your information on natural strengths showed us how to get the right people in the right places on both the executive and sales teams.
    Wayne Lynn, President,
    Belk Printing Technologies
  • Doug Smart captivated the audience. I was particularly impressed by the amount of ‘homework’ he did about our group to personalize his ideas to directly relate to us.
    Sheri Kenyon
    Sr. Associate, Financial Services Dept
  • The way you involved the audience in your presentation really gave them ownership and showed them you had done your homework. I could not have asked for anything better!
    Jim Weldon
    Georgia Power Company