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I used to be always exhausted working 80 to 100 hours a week running my businesses. My private life was dead. My spirit was dead. But you came along with your assessments and your right-on-the-money analysis. You opened my eyes. Finally, I saw how many wasted hours I put into doing stuff someone else should do for me because it didn’t fit my natural strengths. Now I do what I am naturally great at. EVERYTHING ELSE I delegate. Thanks for helping me find great support people. The results could not be better. I am making more money. I have never been happier or felt such peace since I started the business. I have just one regret. I should have contacted you years ago!
Paul, owner of a chain of fitness centers in 6 states (USA)

Online Assessments for Discovering Personal Strengths

The assessments we use are so accurate, the most common response we get from people is one word….”Scary!” When asked “why scary?” the response is almost always the same. They laughingly ask, “How could you possibly know so much about me from just a few questions in the assessments?”


We work closely with a research firm that develops the assessment tools. The assessments are the best in the world. They are well researched, scientifically validated and continuously updated. They are so packed with personal information (not generalities) that people are blown away by how clearly they can see their personal strengths.


Why waste years trying to figure yourself out? In an hour or two we can show you your personal strengths.


If you own or manage a business, why waste years trying to figure out if you hired the right people for the jobs? We can show you in an instant any employee’s personal strengths, talents and skills. This way you can be confident your team has the personal strengths needed to grow your organization. Click here to see our site www.TakeTheGambleOutOfHiring.com.


The highly detailed reports generated by our assessment tools are part of the picture. As astonishingly accurate as they are, what really makes them come alive for you is the analysis we deliver. Whether we are coaching one individual or training the entire organization, we will take the time to show you how to use the reports so you and your whole team get full value.


If you want a large number of people assessed on a continuing basis –such as using our services to take the gamble out of hiring and promoting – we can train people on your staff how to analyze the reports.


Types of Assessments and Sample Reports

DISC Online Assessment Measures Your Behavioral Strengths

This amazing assessment takes 5 minutes online and will show you dozens of your strengths in the “four personality quadrants” plus eight vital areas in your “Natural Self” and “Adapted Self.” If you don’t know what that means, that’s OK! We will teach you. In fact, within minutes you will know your natural behavioral strengths so clearly you will be able to explain them in simple terms to anyone, if you choose. What we like best is you will discover and learn how to maximize your hidden strengths — which is guaranteed to help you accomplish more, drop stress, and have more fun. Here is an added bonus. Once you understand yourself clearly, you will be able to more easily spot the natural strengths in others so you can “see them as they are”; this will help you be wildly successful when you work with co-workers, customers, clients, patients – everyone you interact with (even people at home). You will even learn how to drastically reduce conflict and get all types of people to agree with you more often — even people who drive you crazy! For solid, long-lasting success, the most valuable skill you can possess is the ability to quickly understand behavior. You will receive valuable information you’ll put to use every day for the rest of your life!

See Sample DISC Reports

DISC Executive Version

This is for business owners, executives, elected officials, and those who run organizations


DISC Management and Staff Version

This is an excellent version for individuals


DISC Sales Version

This is an excellent version for people in sales


Workplace Motivators Measures Your Motivational Strengths

As every top performer in business knows, your greatest successes come from tapping the motivational strengths deep within you. Do you want to be successful? Be happy? Do you want to be a person who can honestly tell the world “I LOVE WHAT I DO!” (If you own or manage a business, imagine how successful your organization could be if every employee felt that way!) For the first time ever, in just one 5 minute assessment, you can discover – once and for all — the personal passions and power that drive YOU. Use this remarkable information to discover the type of work you love and the assignments that will cause you to soar with confidence and ease. See clearly which assignments to avoid as they will cause you procrastination and stress. This is based on scientifically validated research that clearly demonstrates there are 6 intrinsic motivators that drive each person. You’ll learn how to identify the unique combination that motivates you. Your Workplace Motivators are the key to your long term success. Many people waste YEARS trying to figure out what motivates them. In the report you’ll receive after completing the Workplace Motivators assessment, you will discover your motivators instantly!

See Sample Workplace Motivators Report


Personal Talent and Skills Inventory Measures 68 Important Personal Strengths

You have clarity in certain areas. Everyone does. For example, when you were in school, your favorite subjects came to you easily. Even though you worked at studying, when it came to your favorite subjects you did not have to work very hard to understand the material. In subjects that came to you easily, your mind had a natural clarity. In subjects that were harder, your mind had less clarity — and you had to work harder in those subjects to get good grades. After you left school this dynamic in your mind continues in your business life. As an adult, you have more clarity in some areas of business and you have less clarity in some.


The scientists behind the Personal Talent and Skills Inventory assessment developed a way to measure clarity. We call it cognitive structure.


The report you will receive after taking a 10 minute assessment will measure your clarity in 6 key areas. This will show your natural strengths in 68 important areas. The idea is not to be great in all 68 but to see the ones that are great for you so you can do more of them — these are your natural strengths. Where you have clarity you will find success for yourself smarter, faster and easier.

Here are the 68 vital Personal Talents and Skills:


Accountability for OthersAttention to Detail

Attitude Toward Others

Balanced Decision Making

Conceptual Thinking

Concrete Organization

Consistency and Reliability

Conveying Role Value

Correcting Others

Developing Others

Emotional Control

Empathetic Outlook

Enjoyment of the Job

Evaluating Others

Evaluating What is Said

Following Directions

Freedom from Prejudices

Gaining Commitment

Handling Rejection

Handling Stress


Integrative Ability

Internal Self ControlIntuitive Decision Making

Job Ethic

Leading Others

Long Range Planning

Material Possessions

Meeting Standards

Monitoring Other


Personal Accountability

Personal Drive

Personal Relationships

Persuading Others

Practical Thinking

Proactive Thinking

Problem Solving

Project and Goal Focus

Project Scheduling

Quality Orientation

Realistic Expectations

Realistic Goal Setting for Others

Realistic Personal Goal Setting

Relating to OthersRespect for Policies

Results Orientation

Role Awareness

Role Confidence

Self Assessment

Self Direction

Self Improvement

Self Confidence

Self Management

Sense of Belonging

Sense of Mission

Sense of Self

Sense of Timing

Sensitivity to Others

Status and Recognition

Surrendering Control

Systems Judgment

Taking Responsibility

Theoretical Problem Solving

Understanding Motivational Needs

Using Common Sense



See Sample Personal Talent and Skills Inventory (PTSI) Reports

PTSI Leadership and Management Version Report

This is an excellent version for people in leadership and management positions


PTSI Sales Management Version Report

This is excellent for sales managers


PTSI Sales Version Report

This is excellent for people in sales


PTSI Customer Service Version Report

This is excellent for people who interact with customers