Choose Doug Smart and your audience will love YOU for giving them a gift they will use forever.


You’ve probably hired speakers who were good but what they said was forgettable. (Do you remember more than a minute’s worth of material from the last speaker you heard?)  That’s a waste of your organization’s money, the audience’s time, and it doesn’t do much for your reputation as a meeting planner!


Doug Smart is different kind of motivational speaker and trainer.

Be_Sure_to_ReadDoug teaches what audiences want to know — how to discover and maximize their personal strengths. It’s all about them. They will use what they learn for a lifetime. Audiences love Doug’s method of showing them how to discover and use their personals strengths so their creative minds open up, work is easier, and they accomplish much more in less time. No more slumps, no more roadblocks that hold them back, no more feeling stuck! In short, by fully using their personal strengths they tap back into the energy, fun and can-do spirit they had as kids. Result: People succeed in business (and life!) more than ever before.


Easily, Doug Smart’s programs can be custom focused on leadership, team building, sales , customer service and other important topics.

For example, Doug’s program “It Pays to Know Your Personal Strengths” is flexible. First, people learn to identify their personal strengths then Doug shows them how to use their strengths for results. For example, Doug’s program, “It Pays to Know Your Personal Strengths,” can be customized for your leadership meeting so it becomes “It Pays to Know Your Personal Strengths for Leadership.” It can also be adapted to other themes such as “It Pays to Know Your Personal Strengths for Team Success,” “It Pays to Know Your Personal Strengths for Customer Service,” “It Pays to Know Your Personal Strengths for Sales Success,” and many more. IDEA: Ask Doug to adapt his programs to exactly fit the theme of your convention or meeting! For example, “It Pays to Know Your Personal Strengths for Leading the Way in a Whole New World!”


Doug Smart is a motivational speaker whose’s programs are interactive, inspirational and rich with practical information.

The information is fascinating and scientifically validated. The learning lasts because it is personal, interactive, and delivered with fun and humor. Plus, the solid information Doug Smart delivers is targeted to solve real problems faced by real people. And on top of all that, when it is all over, people will thank YOU for giving them Doug Smart because they received value they will use forever!


The verbal feedback from the participants has been astounding. I have had many requests to have you back.
Diedra Dudley, RN, Education Dept., E. Jefferson Hospital
Our team had a senior management meeting this week and several of our team members quoted Doug Smart! It’s great when a year after a presentation a group references the material.
I kept hearing, ‘It’s like Doug Smart said!’
Angela Keglovich, Sodexho School Facilities


Doug’s will show your audience how to use their personal strengths to end slumps, blast through roadblocks, and create personal paths that will lead to health, wealth and happiness. Most people squander years trying to figure themselves out. But based on Doug Smart’s accelerated learning techniques, he can show a ballroom full of people, in a very short time, how to discover and use their unique package of 100+ personal strengths.


Whether you are looking for a program on leadership, team building, sales, hiring, promoting, communication, customer service, conflict reduction, or other topics important to your group, you can count on Doug Smart to show people how to use their personal strengths to get excellent results — FAST. After all, people’s personal strengths are their keys to becoming wildly successful.

You were a hit! The feedback on your session was remarkable. Our evaluations came back with very positive comments about you, but they pale in comparison to the praise I heard in person. I’m so delighted we get you back in December.
Nancy Weiss, Director of Conferences, Colorado Association of School Boards


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