Everything You Want to Be, Do and Have in Life Is Already Inside of You In a Neat Little Package Called “Your Personal Strengths”


It pays to know your personal strengths. It pays to get personal coaching that shows you how to discover and how to use your personal strengths so you can be wildly successful — your way.


No matter how old you are, it pays to know your personal strengths

It’s really simpler than most people realize — when you do work that fits your personal strengths you are “in the flow.” When you do work that does not fit your personal strengths you are “working against the current” and you get stuck in perpetual procrastination, stress and mediocrity. Many people describe the latter as reliving the same frustrating or stifling year over and over. Your personal strengths are your keys to your long term success in business and your happiness in life. We are experts in coaching that identifies and maximizes personal strengths for success so you can be awesome, make a difference, and be happier. (And have a lot more fun, too!)


All of 4 of our coaching plans (below) are based on discovering personal strengths and showing how to use personal strengths to end slumps, blast through roadblocks, and create personal paths that will lead to health, wealth and happiness. Most people squander years trying to figure themselves out. But based on our accelerated techniques, we can show you in a very short time how to discover and use your unique package of 100+ personal strengths.


Focused on Your Unique Needs

You want results. You are encouraged to focus on particular issues you want resolved. Our style of coaching is flexible and personal, like mentoring. Your coaching sessions can be recorded, if you wish, so you do not have to try to memorize the discussion. We will guide you to results.


Who Needs a Career Coach?

Primarily we work with business owners, executives and other people who want to be wildly successful in business. No matter how old you are, no matter where you live in the world or what line of work you are in, we can show you how to discover your personal strengths and how to use your strengths to grow your business, grow your career, and how to be great at what you do. It’s easier than you think, after you take the first step.


Our Bold, No Risk, 100% Money Back Guarantee on Coaching

Satisfaction guaranteed

 If you hire us to be your career coach with a Bronze, Silver, or Gold coaching plan and if you do not feel you are receiving solid value, tell us. We will promptly and politely refund the coaching fee. Plus we will donate an additional $100.00 (U.S.) to a charity of your choice. That’s how confident we are in the information we deliver and the value you will get from it for years to come.



1. Bronze: Know Your Personal Strengths Coaching Package……$595 (U.S.)

Discover your personal strengths and how to use them so you can be awesome, make a difference, and be happier. Stop wasting years trying to figure out your strengths through expensive and painful trial and error.

This plan includes a full assessment test measuring your personal strengths in 100+ areas and a one-on-one personal coaching session for 90 minutes via phone or Skype.

Choose as many benefits as you want:

□   Move up in your career

□   Be more appreciated in business

□   Accomplish more

□   Earn more money

□   Drop stress

□   Be happier

□   Build confidence

□   Feel enthusiastic again

□   Experience more peace and joy

□   Become irresistible to employers

□   Find a job that is excellent for you

□   Change careers without fear

□   Retiring? Discover a perfect second career for you



(The Bronze Coaching Plan also makes a loving gift that lasts a lifetime. Do you know someone who would enjoy discovering their personal strengths for success in business? No Risk Guarantee: If the recipient of the gift chooses not to complete the assessments that identify 100+ personal strengths, we will refund your money.)


2. Silver: Solve a Big Challenge Coaching Package……..$1,250 (U.S.)

The Silver Plan contains all of the benefits of the Bronze plan and more. This plan includes a full assessment test measuring personal strengths in 100+ areas and four one-on-one personal coaching sessions of 60 minutes each via phone or Skype.

Discover your personal strengths and how to use them to solve a very specific challenge such as:

□   How to make your job or career an excellent fit for you

□   How to discover the perfect new job or new career for you (no matter how old you are!)

□   How to say good-bye to major stress and procrastination and say hello to new levels of accomplishment that excite you, build confidence and fill you with joy

□   How to identify friction points in your life so you can make excellent choices based on your personal strengths and enjoy living the life you want

□   How to get past conflict with another person

□   Other challenge you are dealing with: ______________________



3. Gold: Executive Career Coaching Package or Business Owner Coaching Package…………$1,250 (U.S.) per month with 6 month minimum

The Gold Plan contains all of the benefits of the Silver and Bronze plans and more. This plan includes a full assessment test measuring personal strengths in 100+ areas and six months of one-on-one personal coaching sessions of 60 minutes each via phone or Skype. 

The emphasis will be on how you can use your personal strengths to take your career or business to higher levels. Get your life on track for the success you desire. Reach tough goals — even “impossible” goals — smarter, faster and easier than you dreamed possible by getting yourself “in the flow” of your personal strengths.

Choose as many benefits as you want:

□   You get unstuck

□   You regain the enthusiasm and energy you used to have as you do more of what you are passionate about

□   You turn on your creativity full blast

□   You experience more frequent break-through achievements

□   You become a stronger leader

□   You get people to agree with you more often

□   You waste less time

□   You accomplish more than you ever dreamed possible

□   You perform top quality work and enjoy top quality rewards

□   You become more confident

□   You sharply decrease conflict in your life

□   You contribute more to team efforts at work and family efforts at home

□   You use your resources better

□   You stop wasting your time and energy on mind-deadening work

□   Your value in business increases

□   You make more money (if money motivates you)

□   You feel in control of your career

□   You are happier in your career

□   You feel delighted by what you do

□   You feel reconnected to a purpose in your life

□   You experience greater health, wealth and happiness

□   You gain greater recognition for who you are and what you do

□   You find ways to make your current career fit your natural strengths

□   You increase sales (if you are involved with sales)

□   You stop feeling “lost” or operating in slow motion

□   You stop feeling like your valuable strengths have deserted you

□   You focus on the things you do best


A 6 month coaching plan entails building a close relationship between you and your coach. You want to be certain the match is a good fit. Please contact us to set up a free consultation. Let’s discuss the results you want, your current obstacles and opportunities, and when you would like to get started. 


4. Platinum: Whole-Organization Coaching and Training for Results…….Price varies depending on the options chosen.

Select the options that are best for you and your employees:


 Development phase:

□   Conferencing with leadership to identify both challenges and opportunities for your organization and specific results desired

□   Focus group meetings and/or surveys with internal and external customers to identify challenges and opportunities

□   Creation of a proposal, including price, action steps, deliverables, mutual responsibilities, timeline, and expected results

Delivery phase:

□   Delivery available world-wide in English (Important note: the assessments we use to discover personal strengths are available in 40 languages so you can get results no matter where your organization operates worldwide)

□   Each person in your organization, division, or department is tested to identify their personal strengths

□   Each person learns how to discover and use their personal strengths for greater success in business

□   Senior level debriefs on the personal strengths of key people with emphasis on how to manage each to develop personal strengths, maximize achievement, and build a fiercely loyal employee base

□   Individual, personal coaching for senior management – no matter where they are located worldwide – via phone or Skype

□   On-site training programs for the whole organization or for selected departments

□   Webinar or teleseminars for geographically dispersed teams so no one misses out

□   Train-the-Trainer program so employees who join after the start of the coaching program do not miss out

□   Certification program on identifying personal strengths and applying to leadership, team building and sales

□   Workbooks and student materials developed to meet the specific goals of your group

□   Also available: online and in-person surveys of customers to pinpoint problem areas and then development of a plan to use the natural strengths of your organization and personal strengths of key individuals to get positive results

Build Momentum and Keep the Learning Going Phase:

□   AEPS® System (Assess & Evaluate Personal Strengths System) to take the gamble out of future hires (See our site www.TakeTheGambleOutOfHiring.com)

□   Availability of assessments in bulk so future hires discover their personal strengths

□   Creation of a new dedicated website for training or creation of material for your existing training website

□   Monthly CD, DVD, and newsletters written specifically for your organization

□   Follow up focus groups and/or surveys

□   Unlimited access (within reason) for anyone in your organization to email, text, phone or Skype with questions pertinent to their professional and personal development


Please contact us to schedule a free consultation. So you get the best results, let’s discuss your current situation and what you want to achieve. The conversation may also cover your organization’s past successes and mistakes, and future opportunities. We’ll also discuss your time frame. Now could be a great time to get started. 


Please note: All coaching, consulting, training and motivational speeches are delivered in English (at this time). The series of assessment tests that measure 100+ personal strengths may be taken in any of 40 languages (to make it very easy for the person completing the assessment). The subsequent reports will be in the language taken (so the person completing the assessment can read the results in the language he or she understands most easily). The reports can be converted to English for discussion and teaching purposes.