Consulting that Takes the Gamble Out of Hiring and Promoting — and Increases Your Bottom Line


Develop highly productive teams of people who are great at — and love — their jobs.  We are experts in identifying employees’ personal strengths for success in business. Thanks to the newest assessment tools, we can measure –- very quickly -– a person’s personal strengths in over 100 vital areas. You’ll receive easy to understand information. Knowledge is power. You can use this info to make responsible staffing decisions so you get new hires and promotions into jobs that are excellent for them. Use with existing employees, too, to make managing easier. Productivity and morale soar while procrastination and stress disappear. It pays to discover the strengths of everyone on your team so they can be great at what they do.

“Our sales are up nearly $3,000,000 since we started working with you last year.
Your information on personal strengths showed us how to get the right people
in the right places on both the executive and sales teams.”
– Wayne Lynn, President, Belk Printing Technologies

Current Employees

Get people in alignment. Get people engaged. Let us show you how to solve challenges related to leadership, team building, communication, customer service, sales and sales management. Everyone has personal strengths. The secret to success is directing your people so they work with, not against, their strengths. When employees do tasks that fit their personal strengths they are in the flow; their creative minds open up, work is easier, and they accomplish much more in less time. But when employees do tasks that do not fit their natural strengths, they work against the flow and the job is difficult, slow and stressful – and to make things worse, the quality of the work they produce is mediocre! It always pays to know the personal strengths of your current employees. Use this information to boost creativity, productivity and profits, while simultaneously reducing procrastination, “bad attitudes” and “personality clashes.”

Future Employees

No more bad hires. No more disappointing promotions.

Statistically, 50% of hires and promotions turn out to be duds. Stop wasting your time and money. Let us show you how to take the gamble out of hiring key people and sales people. When you hire and promote people with the right personal strengths you get superior performance. It is easy to put the right people in the right jobs when you first identify the personal strengths of candidates – in 100+ key areas – and then match them to the strengths required by the job. Let the job tell you what it needs (we’ll show you how). Our work is based on breakthrough research that will give you a competitive advantage. You can eliminate the huge expense of a bad hiring mistake – time, money, lost customers, damaged reputation, sinking morale. Plus, you will have a system for attracting, developing and retaining winners.

Every Consulting Project is Different

Contact us now to discuss your situation. We will set a time to have a conversation with the business owner, executive or decision maker who will benefit most from an improved situation. Following that conversation, we will outline a proposal complete with fees, deadlines and expected outcomes.


Doug Smart, Motivational  Keynote Speaker, addressing 100+ business owners at a conference in Las Vegas.

Doug Smart, Motivational Keynote Speaker, addressing 100+ business owners at a conference in Las Vegas.


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