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If you need a speaker for an event of 3 to 3,000+ people, hire Doug Smart, an award-winning professional speaker and expert on personal strengths, to deliver a FASCINATING, INTERACTIVE, FUN, FUNNY, MOTIVATIONAL, SMART and RESULTS-GETTING keynote or training program.

Doug shows high achievers (and those who aspire to be) how to discover and use their personal strengths for lifelong success, leadership, teamwork and communication!

Mostly Doug works with executives, managers and teams.

“One year after Doug’s keynote, his impact on our staff continues. In my 10 years of doing this, I haven’t had such consistent requests for a speaker’s return.”
“Our CEO was afraid we couldn’t find a speaker who would understand our group. But as soon as Doug finished, he told me he loved that Doug had done his homework by personally interviewing the 5 people I selected (including him). Asking to interview our people was a neat technique Doug used to make his program ‘ours.’ …We laughed while learning, too. Doug was great.

Doug Smart is a Different Kind of Motivational Speaker and Trainer

Read thisDoug teaches what audiences want to know — how to discover and maximize their personal strengths. It’s all about them. They will use what they learn for lifetime success. Audiences love Doug’s fun method of showing them how to discover and use their personals strengths so their creative minds open up, work is easier, and they accomplish much more in less time. No more slumps, roadblocks, or feeling stuck! In short, by fully using their personal strengths they tap back into the energy, fun and can-do spirit they had as kids. Result: People succeed in business (and life!) more easily than ever before.


Choose from 6 FASCINATING, INTERACTIVE, FUN, FUNNY, MOTIVATIONAL, SMART and RESULTS-GETTING Programs on Lifelong Success, Leadership and Teamwork – or let Doug create a special program that meets your special needs.

Each topic (except “Take the Gamble Out….”) is available as a keynote, half day or full day program. 

1. “Your Personal Strengths Are Your Most Priceless Possessions”


Be the best you can be. Everyone has personal strengths, some of which might be hidden or under-utilized. You’ll love Doug’s fun methods for showing you how to discover and maximize your personal strengths so you can overcome your challenges and reach your goals smarter, faster and easier. And be happier. Your personal strengths — MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE! — are the key to your lifelong success and happiness. Unlock your personal strengths and you’ll succeed in business (and life!) better than ever before


2. “Leadership Styles that Work: It Pays to Know Your Personal Behavioral Strengths for Leadership in Business”

Since no two people are the same, effective leaders use their personal strengths to give the type of leadership each person on the team needs. Results: productivity & job satisfaction rise. Goals are conquered. 


3. “It Pays to Know Your Personal Strengths for Leadership in the New Era”

Employees today have different expectations. So, it’s now more important than ever to learn how to use your unique combination of personal strengths to build, develop and keep a team of people who each have the right stuff for exceptional performance.


4. “For Senior Management Only: How to Take the Gamble Out of Hiring and Promoting by Discovering the Personal Strengths of Others.”

You and your organization are as good as the people you surround yourself with. Based on the newest scientific research, this program shows you how to discover which prospective hires have the best combination of personal strengths needed for long-term success in the job. No more surprises! No more bad hires! Get your money’s worth out of every salary you pay! Half or full day leadership workshop for top level people involved in hiring and management decisions.


5. “Advanced Teamwork 1: It Pays for Everyone on the Team to Know Their Personal Strengths for Whole Team Success”

(Based on the newest discoveries in DISC Behavioral Strengths research.) In this fascinating, interactive and fun workshop, every person on the team learns to discover and use their strengths to reach team goals—even “impossible” goals. Blast through barriers! Quality goes up while conflict and “drama” disappear.


6. “Advanced Teamwork 2: It Pays for Everyone on the Team to Know Their Personal Strengths for Whole Team Success”

(Based on the newest discoveries in WMOT Motivational Strengths research.) Your team will learn how to discover and use their personal motivational strengths to accomplish more together — exponentially — than any individual could alone. Team cohesion and respect soar! Tackle tough workloads, challenges and goals together better than ever!


What to Do Next?

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